Photos compliments of Cody Parmenter Photography

Photos compliments of Cody Parmenter Photography

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
— Phil Jackson

The goal of our team is to make your show experience a little bit better each time you step into the arena. We want exhibitors of all levels to feel appreciated and welcome. We urge you to join us at a show and see our team in action. We are here to work for you! Our calendar of events will change often as we add additional shows and venues. We know you have a choice where to show & we appreciate you choosing our shows. If there is something we can do to make your show experience better, please let us know. 


Kathy Avolt, of Lafayette, IN purchased Mark Harrell Horse Shows January 1, 2017.  She has served in many different positions and has more than 15 years of competitive speech in her background & previously served as the editor of a state Quarter Horse association’s magazine and web site.  She understands the running of shows, having been both an exhibitor and show manager, having managed her first Quarter Horse show at the age of 16 for the local 4-H club. She has served in many different positions at the show - announcer, manager, show secretary, ring steward and more.  Back at home, Kathy does freelance advertising & logo design, specializing in the real estate industry.  In her free time, she landscapes & hardscapes for 'therapy!'


Peggy Gander, of Rockwall, TX has been working the various shows for more than 13 years. She is certified for AQHA and NRHA shows. Though originally from Iowa, now calls Rockwall, TX home along with her husband Steve and their 2 horses - Lester & Termite.  Peggy has always had horses and has shown Barrel Racing for many years and has been successful in the Team Roping as well.  In fact, she was the Rookie Of The Year for the WPRA in the Great Lakes Circuit. Peggy is an accomplished photographer and shoots many of the top rodeo and barrel racing events throughout the country.  You can see examples of her work at her website


Scott Neuman, of Billings, MT is an AQHA professional horseman, Rocky Mountain College equestrian program director, horse trainer, judge for AQHA, NSBA, APHA, WCHA and father of 2. He is now happily undertaking the responsibility of horse show management. He says, ‘So far I have immensely enjoyed learning this new facet of the equestrian industry and have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the very best in the business. Loving this new opportunity. I think everyone should explore as many facets of the horse show industry as possible. It makes me a better judge, exhibitor and manager.’


Christian Jauntig, of New City, NY  has been working the horse shows since he was 11 years old. He is AQHA certified. He started as a Ring Steward volunteer for his local committee and very quickly moved up to announcer, then Show Manager and Secretary. Christian also serves on the AQHA Show Committee. When not at the horse shows, he can be found in his office assisting clients with their Personal, Business and even some Equine Insurance policies. Christian serves as the bookkeeper for the insurance agency as well. He is a licensed Insurance agent in the state of NY and the agency does business in multiple states. He lives with his family in NY and NJ. He recently founded Your Equine Concierge catering to the judges, trainers and exhibitors in the horse industry.


Brenda Dunbar, of Pilot Point, TX is originally from CA where for more than 30 years she trained professionally. She primarily focused on the competitive trail classes including the AQHA World Champion Jr and Sr trail horse the same year with her daughter, Ashley. She retired from training in 2008 and moved to TX in 2015.  She has worked and is certified for AQHA and NRHA shows since. She has 3 children, 1 grandchild and 2 dogs.


Casey Presler, of Myakka City, FL has worked in the horse show industry for over 9 years. She really enjoys her positions at horse shows including a ring steward, in-gate and secretary. Casey works many multiple breed horse shows including AQHA, APHA, and USEF. She grew competing in AQHA and it continues to be her favorite. When she is not working horse shows, she enjoys the beach, boating and riding. She recently became engaged.

Carson Griggs_web.jpg

Carson Griggs of Fayetteville, AR is a valuable part of our group. He is the master of many of our trail courses but is our go-to for nearly any job - big or small. Carson grew up in the horse industry & is slowly expanding his trail course designing. Outside of the horse industry, you can find him shooting pool. (But he says he is not very good!) Photo compliments of Jeff Kirkbride Photography.

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Jarrett Cartee of Statesboro, GA has been showing and working horses since age 10. He has been involved with the AQHA shows as a ring steward, manager and member of the show staff. When he is not at a show, he can be found in many different capacities at Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home. He recently graduated from college with his education in Funeral Service. He looks forward to expanding his experience and knowledge in the show management circles. He is AQHA certified.   Photo compliments of Jeff Kirkbride Photography.